1. How To Wrap A Gyro, for Men’s Health

    AD Justin Long

  2. Portrait of Steve Brodner, for POLITICO Magazine

    CD Janet Michaud

  3. Contributors Portraits for POLITICO

    The creative director at POLITICO, Janet Michaud, contacted me earlier in the year to do some portraits of the contributors for the newly launched POLITICO Magazine. I’ve worked with her since on portraits for each issue since, and it’s been awesome. I worked with Janet Michaud during her time at The Washington Post, and her art direction is incredible.

  4. bonobos:

    Wedding season = dancing season. We’ve got a few tips for your dance floor debut on Equateur.

    Illustrations by Michael Hoeweler

  5. Squaredance, Electric Slide, & The Finger Pistols, for Bonobos

    AD Dennis Blanco

  6. The Funky Chicken, for Bonobos

    AD Dennis Blanco

  7. The Hokey Pokey, for Bonobos

    I made a bunch of GIF illustrations for Bonobos about dances you can do at weddings. THEY ARE SO SILLY.

    Thanks to Dennis Blanco, my AD at Bonobos, for this awesome assignment!

  8. I did a couple portraits and this illustration of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake for the latest issue of Field & Stream. This was incredibly fun to work on, and a bit terrifying as well.

    Thanks to my awesome art director, Pete Sucheski, for this assignment. I never knew I’d enjoy obsessively drawing scales until this, haha.

  9. Icons, for the Hot Summer Sex feature in the July issue of Cosmopolitan

    AD Mariana Tuma

  10. Trout & Fishing Flies, for Nature Conservancy

    AD Katie Lesser

  11. Last but not least, The Vegas Shotgun Wedding, for Bonobos

    The copy they included with my illustration of a difficult walk of shame/wine-induced hangover is exceptionally beautiful:

    The novelty desert-theme necktie and unbuttoned collar are optional, but the boxed wine stains and slurred, stumbling regret are a must. Just try not to get anything on that blue suit that the cleaners can’t get out

    I love my job.

  12. The Beachfront Wedding, for Bonobos

  13. The Fancy Garden Wedding, for Bonobos

  14. The Backyard Wedding, for Bonobos

    I had the pleasure to work with Bonobos recently on some illustrations for their new site, Equateur. I did four illustrations of different ways to style their slim navy suit for different kinds of summertime weddings. I’ll post the remaining three soon!

    My many thanks to Bonobos for the assignment and to Dennis & David for their art direction!

  15. How To Spatchcock A Chicken, for WSJ’s Off-Duty Section

    AD John Sheppard