1. Riding a Vespa In Rome, for Travel + Leisure

    AD Ben King and Sandra Garcia

  2. Marked Men, for Eight by Eight Magazine

    AD’s Robert Priest & Grace Lee

    I thought I would post the illustration pre-beautiful-spread-design as well :)

  3. The Australian Carbon Cycle, for The Nature Conservancy Magazine

    AD Katie Lesser

    Hi Tumblr! I’ve been posting a bunch of illustrations from the most recent issue of The Nature Conservancy Magazine these past couple of days, and I thought I’d give a bit of background. I’ve been working with their incredible art director, Katie Lesser, on illustrations for each of their issues for almost a year now. I love getting to do illustrations for an environmental conservational organization, especially for content relevant to the ever-evolving relationship between people and nature.

    The illustration above looks a bit terrifying, like a pyro hell-bent on destruction. In actuality, it introduced an article that explains the history and benefits of the long-held Aboriginal traditions in Northern Australia of controlled brush fires. They trace the existence of the practice to indigenous Australian societies, describe how the practice benefits an ecosystem naturally dependent upon fire, as well as detail the relationships developed between the Aboriginal Australians and organized conservationists.

  4. Northern Flying Squirrel (Detail)

    AD Katie Lesser

  5. Northern Flying Squirrels, for The Nature Conservancy Magazine

    AD Katie Lesser

  6. Grizzly Bear & Chokeberries, for The Nature Conservancy Magazine

    AD Katie Lesser

  7. Tiger Beetle, for The Nature Conservancy Magazine

    AD Katie Lesser

  8. For Issue 02 of Eight by Eight Magazine, I was invited by Priest + Grace to do an illustration that showcased both the incredible and completely bananas tattoos that specific soccer players have. This is the designed and completed spread as how you would see it in the magazine (which you should pick up because it’s beautiful and chock-full of gorgeous illustration and design)! 

    I also did a Q&A with the magazine about the process for this illustration, which you should check out here. Robert Priest & Grace Lee, my art directors for the illustration, had a truly wonderful vision for this illustration, and I’m thrilled to have been able to fashion this piece from their idea. I’m incredibly grateful for these opportunities to do work for 8x8!

  9. Rigger, for the National Park Service

    AD Megan O’Malley

  10. Driver, for the National Park Service

    I have kind of a special set of illustrations to share with you guys. I was invited to work on two new illustrations with Megan O’Malley for the National Park Service in the fall last year. The assignment was to make a pair of historical illustrations depicting different tasks completed at the Allegheny Portage Railroad, back when it was functional.

    With permission, I’m sharing these before they get displayed, so think of this as a sneak peak! If you have a chance, definitely go to the Allegheny Portage Railroad Historic Site to see these in person when they do premier. I’ll share the other one soon.

    Thank you again to Megan O’Malley for this assignment and the wonderful opportunity!

  11. Woodsy, for Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section

    AD Forest Evashevski

  12. Vanilla Bean, for Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section

    AD Forest Evashevski

  13. Beach, for Wall Street Journal’s Mansion section

    AD Forest Evashevski

    These illustrations were a lot of fun to do, and I always love getting to draw landscapes, especially if they have anything to do with the ocean.

  14. Scents, for The Wall Street Journal

    Art directed by Forest Evashevski, for the Mansion section

  15. Susan Spicer, for Wall Street Journal

    AD John Sheppard