1. Last week, I worked with the art director of the Mansions section of the Wall Street Journal on an icon illustration for the cover story. The story, The One That Couldn’t Get Away, was about house hunters who wait years and years for the owners of their dream homes to sell.

    My AD liked the allusion to the metaphor of the white whale, and I headed in that direction with these sketches above. Unlike Captain Ahab, these home owners end up happily capturing their prize with their lives intact, but their long-lasting pursuit of these elusive properties is undeniable.

    If you know me, you know that I love drawing whales. I have loved whales since I was a little boy — while my friends were playing with Star Wars figurines and remote control cars, I was running around with humpback whales.

    My many thanks to my AD, Forest Evashevski, for this dream job!

  2. I saved this one for last. I drew the incredible illustrator Tim O’Brien for the October issue of Smithsonian Magazine. He did the wonderful cover illustration of George Washington, for the feature about the secrets of American history.

    Art direction by Heather Palmateer

  3. Robert D. Ballard, for Smithsonian Magazine

    AD Heather Palmateer

  4. I flew to Pittsburgh for a wedding this weekend. On the flights, I did a couple sketches of the view. I think they make a cute pair.

    Done on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, in SketchBook Pro

  5. Jill Lepore, for Smithsonian Magazine

    AD Heather Palmateer

  6. Joss McKinley, for Smithsonian Magazine

    AD Heather Palmateer

  7. David Wise, for Smithsonian Magazine

    I’m excited to be able to share a series of contributors portraits I did for the October issue of Smithsonian Magazine. I worked with Heather Palmateer on these, and I had a blast working within a border and with this deep black background.

    I work in washes so much, that laying down that heavy field of black sumi ink felt so good!

  8. Look from the SS15 Diesel Black & Gold show, featuring the Samsung Gear S

    Done on the Samsung Note 4, in Sketchbook Pro, during #MBFW

  9. I was stoked to get invited back to work with IMS and Samsung for the Spring Summer 2015 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week here in NYC. This time around, I was able to attend some of the shows with Samsung, but spent the duration of the week backstage at the Samsung + Swarovski VIP Lounge, and drew the lounges guests on the new Samsung Note 4.

    I met a lot of wonderful, incredibly kind and talented people, and I drew anyone and everyone I could. This ended up amounting to around 80 finished drawings, and many other half-way completed ones. The ones above are some that I liked best!

    A highlight from the sketches above: meeting, drawing, and just all-around loving two people whom I idolize — Willam Belli and Laverne Cox. I also spent a good amount of my time with the models and tech experts working with Samsung, as well as my contacts at IMS, Maria Törnqvist and Susie Grant and the team from Samsung HQ.

    I also got to meet and spend time with Mayhem, from Fashion by Mayhem, and her amazing parents. Man, that family — they are so sweet, so loving, and are so supportive of Mayhem’s talent — it was great getting to spend time with them. It reminded me of how lucky I am to have a loving mom who encouraged and nourished my creativity (thank you, mom!) And to top it all off, they live in the same area around Cincinnati as my family! A small and beautiful world, indeed.

    I am very thankful for having had this opportunity, and I have so much love and gratitude for Maria Törnqvist and Susie Grant from IMS for thinking of me for these exciting events, as well as Samsung, for having me work with their awesome products again.

  10. I thought I would show you the original finished illustration for the San Francisco Chronicle, sans text.

  11. I drew Mario Batali as a golden statue for the September issue of GQ. You have to check it out in print — David Chang’s article about ordering tasting menus rules, and the page is so fun.

    I love going to Batali’s restaurant Otto Enoteca, and I’m dying to try Del Posto. This is most certainly in honor of his Croc-wearing self and delicious food.

    Many thanks to Chelsea Cardinal for the art direction and this crazy awesome assignment. I like smiling while I draw :)


    I worked with Erick Wong at the San Francisco Chronicle last week on this illustration for the cover of the Food + Home section of this past Sundays edition. This illustration is enormous, like 17” tall.

    Each of the veggie illustrations appeared throughout the section, accompanying descriptions of how to plant and grow each variety. I had a lot of fun with this one, not just because I love food and drawing, but also because I bought, referenced, and ate all of these very vegetables. 

    My many thanks to Erick Wong for the assignment, and to Shannon May  for the recommendation! Y’all are my heroes.

  13. fattydingdongs:


    My piece for the Fangamer <3 Attract Mode show happening on August 30th at 1923 Events in Seattle, WA. I recently got Pikmin 3 through that Mario Kart 8 promotional deal and I really loved it. Highly enjoyable and addictive little game. Also, Pikmin are adorable. 

    If you happen to be at PAX Prime or live/are in Seattle that day, should stop by the gallery show :D it will be fun.


    I don’t usually reblog anything on tumblr, but…

    you guys. YOU GUYS.


    Pikmin is the best game I’ve had the joy to play on the Wii U.

  14. This is another illustration from the current issue of Nature Conservancy Magazine. It accompanied an article about Woodburne Forest, a wildlife preserve in Pennsylvania that hosts hikes and likewise experiences, like this dragonfly survey. 

  15. I thought I would share the original illustration done for the On the Wing article in the current issue of Nature Conservancy Magazine.

    AD Katie Lesser